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Basic Flow Cytometry Training Options

FloCyte is happy to bring the very basics of flow to you in one or two day options



Success in a Nutshellglasses


This is our one day course covering topics to help investigators understand how to achieve successful cytometry data, using appropriate controls, how calibration of instruments impacts experimental data, and  how to set appropriate voltages and understanding compensation,  using statistics to validate data and test hypotheses, concepts on polychromatic panel design.

bootcamp             Boot Camp


For individuals doing only 3-4 colors on a simple instrument, this course will give you the basics necessary for great analysis!  It will provide the very basic understanding of how flow cytometry works, and how to get the most out of it.  You will get a chance to see sample data acquisition and engage in some interactive exercises that will give you tools to use when you return to your labs!  This is a good option if you have a facility with less sophisticated instrumentation, perhaps an older analog instrument, for those in Sales who only need rudimentary technology information


Two options for a comprehensive experience!

Modules from these two curricula can be chosen for your dedicated  training as well!

3 day course Comprehensive Flow Cytometry covers all critical flow topics, in one comprehensive program, particularly for new users of multiparameter instruments!  Registration for this course has 4 excellent option.

If you need help deciding which registration option to choose,

Comprehensive 3 day course, $700,
Foundations of Flow Cytometry,  2 day basic option for novice users, $500,
Principles of Flow Cytometry, 2 day intermediate option $500,
Practices of Flow, one day option for Multiparameter experimental design
Advanced Users only, please  $300

5 day course Comprehensive Plus Application course includes hands-on experience in the lab, on  cell isolation, sample preparation and common applications.
Both offer something for all levels of previous flow knowledge, from the basics for novices to advanced topics in experimental design for multiparameter instruments.  It is a  GREAT choice for the introduction of a training program at your institution!  And an excellent way to present all aspects of flow to your users.


Classroom 1FloCyte offers many advanced topics in Flow Cytometry.  These can be presented in full day courses, half day options,  or individual modules for your lab’s specific training needs.

Compensation and Multiparameter Strategies

slider-2DNA and Multiparameter Cell Cycle Analysis, with  Cell specific proteins

Intracellular flow 

Stem Cells in Flow Cytometry Course

Data Analysis            Shirley Hanley


Non-Mammalian Flowred green fp plant

Fluorescent Proteins in Flow

Best Laboratory Practices

Certification Examination Preparation Course

Clinical Flow Cytometry

InstrumenttrainingInstrument training