inverted CommasI can’t recommend FloCyte enough to people. I wish everyone who prepares flow samples – even if they don’t run them – would take FloCyte’s courses



Comprehensive Training 5 day Curriculum

Zagreb class workingThis course covers everything in our usual Comprehensive Flow Lecture Courses – PLUS the option for afternoon laboratories on topics of interest to any cytometrist.   There are 2 excellent options – Lectures only, offered all day Monday, and Mornings, Tuesday thru Friday, OR the full lectures with laboratories,  1:00 PM  – 5:00 PM Tuesday thru Friday.
Topics covered in our 3 day course:


Foundations of Flow Cytometry

Day 1


Course outline and introduction to topics

Components of a flow Cytometer


Introduction to Data
Designing Good Assays

Choosing Antibodies

Designing Good Assays

Choosing Fluors

Afternoon   Instrument Demonstration


Day 2 AM

Designing Good Assays

Using Fluorochromes and Reagents Accurately

Applications I

T Cell Separation techniques
Cell Proliferation assays

Staining and Controls
Compensation Basics

Spectral overlap

What it is and why it happens

How to Compensate Correctly
Measurement Error
Hardware vs Software Compensation
Bi-exponential scaling

PM Labs

T Cell Separation
Proliferation Assays


Day 3   AM

Compensation and Spectral Mixing

Gating and Controls for Correct compensation

Instrument Set up, Characterization, and Controls

Manual methods to achieve the same

Data Scaling and Gating

Linear / Log
Binning and Channels
Gating Strategies
Multicolor Analysis and Intrepretation

Statistical Analysis of Data




Day 4 AM

Data Presentation

Hints and Tips for accurate presentation for publication and lab

Applications II


Application III

Cell Cycle and Apoptosis



Cell Cycle and S-phase detection Applications Lab


Day 5 AM

Strategies for building Multiparameter Panels

Design Process
Biological Hypothesis
Antibody / Fluor Combinations and Choices
Necessary, Important or Luxury decisions
Instrument configurations and how they affect panels

Practice Designing Experiments

Interactive Problem Solving Exercises

New Software and Web Tools for Panel Design (Made easy)


Apoptosis Techniques Lab



Please note that this comprehensive course is not an instrument training, and is not instrument specific.  It is applicable to any and all instruments and will be a great foundation for further training on specific instruments and / or software packages.