inverted CommasI can’t recommend FloCyte enough to people. I wish everyone who prepares flow samples – even if they don’t run them – would take FloCyte’s courses



Decision Chart

How do I decide which Comprehensive course option is best for me?

We offer several options for basic flow cytometry training, from one full day to our comprehensive 3 day program. That full curriculum can be found at the Comprehensive Flow Cytometry link.  Options for registration depend on experience level and interest.  To decide which option is best for you, follow the decision chart below!  We can offer the full three days which is the comprehensive option, the first two days of that course as a Foundations (Basics) of Flow Cytometry Option, the second and third days as Principles of Cytometry option for the more experienced users, and the last day only is an advanced option called Practice of Cytometry.

Course Decision Flowchart

For our Comprehensive plus Applications course, 5 day course,  the decision to take the labs or not depends on your experience with,  and interest in,  these lab topics; T cell separation, Proliferation, Immunophenotyping, Cell Cycle Analysis and S-Phase detection, and Apoptosis.

We also can offer a stand alone Basic Flow Course, a 2 day option for groups doing 1-3 colors only.  Curriculum for that course is similar to the first two days of the Comprehensive.

We have a one day option, great for mixed groups who want to know the critical parts!!  It is called Success in Cytometry.