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Denis Polancec

Denis 2

Following a BSc at The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb, Denis started to work in a Veterinary Clinic Jastrebarsko near Croatian capital city Zagreb. After one year of practice he joined Laboratory for viral vaccines within Fidelta Ltd. (at that time named PLIVA Research Institute Ltd. Taht was also knowned  as GSK Research CentreLtd. from 2006-2010.)  in Zagreb. He worked for two years in veterinary viral vaccines research and development. Then in autumn 1999. he joined to the Therapeutic Area Inflammation/Immunology group within Fidelta Ltd. Since then he is responsible for leading and running a small core flow cytometry facility and performing of flow cytometry and cell sorting experiments for various customers within company as well as for colleagues form research centers and faculties arround Zagreb.  His PhD is about the  use of flow cytometry methd for the detection and enumeration  of murine eosinophils within broncholaveolar lavage taken from animals  used in chronic lung inflammation models in mice. Daily routine work within accompained In Vitro lab and serving groups in  many diverse fields including Immunology, Inflammation, Virology, Cancer Cell Research and Veterinary Immunology has given Denis a extensive  experience in many Flow Cytometry techniques. He has lectured many short courses on flow cytometry and cell sorting in Croatia.

He is a a member of the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC), ICCS  and ESCCA.