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Derek Davies


Following a BSc in Animal Physiology at the University of Leeds, Derek started working life in a regional Cytopathology Unit where he was first introduced to cytometry in the form of DNA content analysis using a microdensitometer. He had an introduction to flow cytometry using a FACS Analyzer in 1985; this was used in a project to look at DNA content and antigen expression in cervical samples. In 1990 Derek moved to the London Research Institute, part of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund (now Cancer Research UK) and became Head of the facility in 1996. His laboratory offers a wide range of analytical and sorting techniques to around 50 Research Laboratories; there are 7 staff who train users in analytical cytometry, operate cell sorters and introduce new techniques appropriate to their users.


Derek is an ISAC Councillor, founder and Chairman of flowcytometryUK and an active member of the Royal Microscopical Society. As well as training users at the London Research Institute, he organizes several UK training courses and teaches on several others. He has experience with a wide range of analysers (FACScan, FACSCalibur, LSRII, Fortessa, FACS Array, FC500, Laser Scanning Cytometer and ImageStream) and sorters (FACS 440, FACS StarPlus, FACS Vantage, MoFlo, FACSAria, Influx).


FloCyte is honored to have Derek join us as a lead instructor for the UK and Europe.  Derek can be reached at