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Dr. Dorothy Lewis

Dorothy LewisDr. Dorothy Lewis has been teaching with FloCyte training institute since 2007.  She specializes in applications courses, including a focus on intracellular staining methods.  She also has expertise in apoptosis and in clinical applications, including immune-phenotyping and stem cell analysis.   She grew up in rural Arizona and received her PhD from the University of Arizona in 1978 in Microbiology. Her dissertation was on a guinea pig model of Multiple Sclerosis.  She first learned about flow cytometry in a biophysics class as a graduate student.

In 1978, she moved to Albuquerque for an NIH supported postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Noel Warner, who trained in Australia with Nobel winner, MacFarland Burnett.  It was in New Mexico that Dorothy first got hands on experience with Flow cytometry, first at Los Alamos National Labs and then in 1979, the lab in Albuquerque got its first instrument, a FACS III.   This came all gussied up with a dot plot oscilloscope and cassette tapes for data storage!  That took forever to replay!

In 1982, she moved to Houston Texas and set up a flow cytometry facility along with her own research in autoimmune diseases and then in HIV.  She bought a Coulter Epics, which would later become the 753 with Cytomation acquisition.  At Baylor College of Medicine, she had an Altra high pressure cell sorter, 2 XL analytical instruments and an LSRII.  In 2008, she moved to UTMB in Galveston, but after hurricane IKE decided that being in Houston was better for her research and moved to the University of Texas Houston in 2009.  She currently runs a flow facility for the Internal Medicine Department and has a 10 color Beckman Coulter Galios analytical instrument.

Dorothy has more than 30 years of experience in Flow cytometry with extensive teaching of application methods to graduate students and in the Flocyte programs.  She has served as member and then Chair of the Los Alamos National Laboratory Flow Resource advisory committee from 2000-2008.   She has also served on numerous study sections, was an NIAID council member from 2002-2006, chair of the AIDS pathogenesis study section from 2009-2011 and is currently serving on a Training and Workforce Diversity study section from 2012-2016.    She received a MERIT award from NIH in support of her HIV research from 2000-2011 and is currently the Director of the Immunology core for the combined BCM/UT CFAR in Houston.

You can reach Dorothy at or 713-500 6809