inverted CommasI can’t recommend FloCyte enough to people. I wish everyone who prepares flow samples – even if they don’t run them – would take FloCyte’s courses



Dr. Doug Swartzendruber

FloCyte Associates is honored to have Dr. Douglas E. Swartzendruber, Chairman and Director of Laboratories Natural Science Division, Pepperdine University, on our staff.  Doug received his PhD in 1974 from University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, CO.  He has worked at such prestigious labs as Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM and was an associate Professor, of Developmental Therapeutics, at MD Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute, in Houston, TX.  In 2002, Doug was honored as Professor Emeritus of Biology, img6666University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs where he had served as Senior Scientist, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Biology, and Interim Dean, College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.  He has been awarded many honors over his years in science, written over 50 peer reviewed publications and presented over 100 abstracts, meeting presentations, and reports, and has served on countless committees and editorial boards.  His experience in teaching flow makes him a most valuable asset to our program. Doug can be reached at