inverted CommasI can’t recommend FloCyte enough to people. I wish everyone who prepares flow samples – even if they don’t run them – would take FloCyte’s courses



Dr. Jennifer Wilshire

img333FloCyte Associates is delighted to include Dr.Jennifer Wilshire as one of our first instructors.  Jennifer received her undergraduate degree from McGill University in Canada with honors, where she received a number of awards and distinctions.  She studied in Dr. Len Herzenberg’s lab at Stanford and received her PhD from Stanford in 2000.  Jennifer’s Ph.D. research was investigating natural antibodies produced by B-1 cells.  Jennifer was the Applications Scientist at Tree Star for many years, where she did a little of everything!  Tech support, web site, reference manual, writing tech notes and tutorials etc.  A big part of her job was traveling and giving seminar/demos of FlowJo, where she focused on the teaching aspect of the seminars and on hands-on training.  She is currently working at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in a training capacity for the flow core there.  She is a great asset to our training program!  Jennifer can be reached at