inverted CommasI can’t recommend FloCyte enough to people. I wish everyone who prepares flow samples – even if they don’t run them – would take FloCyte’s courses



Host a Course at Your institution

Hosting a FloCyte course has many benefits for your group or core facility.

      • First of all, there is NO charge to our hosts to invite us,
      • You choose the curriculum that best suits your users needs! The curricula covered in all our courses is available at the website so you are welcome to view the website list at click on Basic, Comprehensive or Advanced courses on the menu….
      • FloCyte pays all expenses (instructors’ travel, printing, resources, even refreshments for the breaks in the AM and PM! etc!) from tuition charged.
      • We offer 10% off to all members of our hosts’ institution / group / or department! plus discounts for past graduates of our course, and groups of 5 and 10 or more.
      • We’ve designed these to cost less per day than attending any ‘away’ course and there are no Travel expenses for your users.
      • We introduce our hosts as the ‘resident’ experts, the place to go for flow expertise, after we leave. This brings attention to your facility as a resource for your own researchers and local biotechs and industry who don’t actually have their own instruments.
      • The local core will also experience folks bringing better prepared experiments, the proper controls, (and understanding WHY they need them!) and even perhaps an increase in the amount (and quality) of samples.
      • Students will better understand what the data means.


We don’t replace your in-house training… we augment it. We are just preparing folks for the next logical step… YOUR ‘at the instrument’ training, at the platform that they will use, on the software itself, and on your particular methods for cleaning the instrument, signing up, refilling and emptying tanks etc.


Contact FloCyte for more detailed information on hosting and to schedule a training

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