inverted CommasI can’t recommend FloCyte enough to people. I wish everyone who prepares flow samples – even if they don’t run them – would take FloCyte’s courses



Intracellular Flow Cytometry

Dr. Dorothy Lewis has designed and presents our excellent Intracellular course.  Our goal is to help remove the mystique and give you fundamental help with staining, fixation and permeabilization techniques for staining all aspects of intracellular structure for analysis by flow cytometry.


Introduction  to intracellular flow


  • Fixatives
  • Permeabilization
  • Effects of Fixatives and Permeabilization
  • General Techniques
  • Introduction to Applications using Intracellular Flow
    • Beta Gal
    • Side Populations
    • DNA Staining
    • Cytokines
    • Cellular Proliferation
    • Phosphorylation
    • Mitochondrial Stains
    • Calcium Flux
    • Oxidative Burst
    • GFP
    • Apoptosis
  • Side Populations and Bead Counting