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Jean-François Mayol

MayolJean-François Mayol received his PhD from Grenoble University, France. He worked for the French Army Health Service Research Center during 14 years in the RadioBiology Field. His research interests were focused on ionizing radiation effects on the hematopoietic system. For the study of various parameters such as stem cell biology, cell cycle, differentiation and apoptosis, the flow cytometry was a central tool with the use of multicolor protocols and cell sorting.

Currently, Jean-François is the R&D and Cytometry Head of Transcure Bioservices SAS, a tailor made fee-for-service society providing access to a humanized mice model (human immune system) for pre-clinical studies at Archamps, near Geneva.

Jean-François is an active member of the French Society of Cytometry (Association Française de Cytométrie, AFC) and of the European Society for Clinical Cell Analysis (ESCCA), he was the secretary of the AFC board and has helped to organize several annual congresses and thematic workshop. He is account auditor of ESCCA.

Jean-François is involved in teaching courses like the InterUniverisity Diploma of Clinical and Research Cytometry, the ESCCA summer courses and several others.

He has co-edited two books in French about Flow Cytometry Generalities and about Flow Cytometry and Cell Cycle.

Jean-François has experience of running FACS Calibur, Epics XL, LSR II, FACS Vantage and Attune cytometers and can be reached at