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Jolene Bradford


Jolene Bradford works in Flow Cytometry R&D in Eugene, Oregon, USA working in the Biosciences Division of Thermo Fisher Scientific (formerly Life Technologies).  Jolene joined Molecular Probes® Labeling and Detection Technologies in 2001, where she has developed new reagents and assays for the flow cytometry platform.  Well versed in fluorescent assays and flow cytometry, Jolene has provided numerous webinars and seminars. She has been an invited instructor at many flow cytometry training courses and workshops, both in the US and abroad.   More recently she has been involved in developing acoustic cytometry. Prior to joining Molecular Probes, Jolene spent over 20 years in healthcare performing clinical laboratory testing as a specialist in hematology and flow cytometry.   FloCyte is honored to have Jolene present topics in fluors, dyes, probes, and reagents for various flow protocols.

Jolene A. Bradford, MLS(ASCP)CM, CCy 

Associate Director, R&D   Life Sciences Solutions