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Flow Cytometry for Non-Mammalian Cells

Curriculum for this 1/2 day advanced flow course covers these topics:


I.        General Introduction outlining the issues that need to be confronted.

II.        Problems associated with complex multicellular tissues.

  • ·         Production of single cell suspensions, or
  • ·         Production and analysis of homogenates.

III.         Dealing with large objects.

  • ·         General introduction to sorting theory.
  • ·         How to use conventional instruments with large particles.
  •           Specialized instruments — the Union Biometrica COPAS and BioSort.

IV.        Dealing with small objects.

  • ·         Bacteria and smaller life forms, as analyzed using conventional sorters.
  • ·         Biosafety issues.

V.         Analyzing homogenates and complex mixtures

  •            Plants.
  • ·         Aquatic samples.

VI.        Case studies: working with model organisms.

  • ·         Yeast.
  • ·         Drosophila
  • ·         Other insects
  • ·         Your favorite organism (general discussion).

VII.       Case studies: Working with non-model and otherwise unusual organisms.