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Peter Lopez


One of the founding instructors and first FloCyte Associates is Peter Lopez.  Peter is currently  a research Assistant Professor  and Director of Flow Cytometry Core Facility at NYU School of Medicine,  in lower Manhattan.  Prior to that he served as core manager at the Aaron  Diamond AIDS Research Center in New York City.   He teaches our comprehensive and multiparameter flow courses and consults on dedicated trainings.


Peter has been involved in the field of flow cytometry since 1977. His focus has been to help facilitate the use of this technology to answer biological questions, and to contribute his cytometric expertise to a wide range of studies including the automated detection of malignant or premalignant cells, hematopoietic stem cell isolation, the study of T-cell receptor function, the detection and study of apoptotic cells,and most recently the study of effects of HIV infection in varied cell types


You may be familiar with him from his role as Manager of Applications, Training and Technical  Support with Cytomation, Inc, training users on the MoFlo or for his long run as  Facility Manager at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Peter’s knowledge of  flow instrumentation, including B-D FACS II, FACScan and FACSVantage, Coulter  EPICS 750 and Cytomation’s MoFlo, and his easy style of  communicating technology and applications, will make his contribution to the  FloCyte Regional Training Program a valued asset!


Peter is an organizing member of MetroFlow, the NY, NJ Flow Cytometry Users Group, serving currently as President in that users group steering committee.  He is a long time member of ISAC, Councilor for 2012-16, and Share Resources Task Force member.


You can contact Peter at